DoorDash Sign Up Bonus For New Drivers | (2024)

As a Dasher, you’re eligible for several bonuses, including discounts, promo codes, and other incentives in exchange for making food deliveries from local restaurants to customers.

Until recently, DoorDash offered a sign-up bonusin select cities in the country. Instead, you now havea minimum guaranteed amount even if you have a slow first month.The requirements are easy to fulfill if you’re consistent in your first few weeks.

Read on to know how you can enjoy this incentive as a new Dasher.

  • Why Does DoorDash No Longer Give a Sign-Up Bonus?
  • What Is DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings Incentive?
  • Are You Eligible for the Doordash Guaranteed Earnings Incentive?
  • How Can You Get the DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings Incentive?
  • Boost Earnings by Referring Incoming DoorDashers
  • Wrapping Up

Why Does DoorDash No Longer Give a Sign-Up Bonus?

The former DoorDash sign-up bonuses were discontinued because it became increasingly easy for new drivers to spam the system and gain bonuses off fake sign-ups.

The sign-up bonuses were local promotions to encourage new drivers to join DoorDash as it expanded its operations into new locations.

This bonus was applied as long as new Dashers signed up via the DoorDash website, and it was as high as $200.

The reward system has been replaced with Guaranteed Earnings Incentive for New Dashers, which isn’t exactly a bonus but a way for new Dashers who stay consistent with gigs in their first few weeks of working with DoorDash.

What Is DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings Incentive?

DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings Incentive isn’t a fixed fee but a commitment to earn a minimum guaranteed sum at the end of a series of deliveries. This means you get rewarded for completing a required number of orders within a timeframe.

In this program, you can get up to $2,000 in 30 days for completing 200 deliveries with eligible restaurants. For instance, if you complete eligible orders and end up with a monthly pay of $1,800, DoorDash tops it off with $200 to compensate for the guaranteed earnings.

Are You Eligible for the Doordash Guaranteed Earnings Incentive?

For new DoorDash driversto be eligible for this offer, you have to register via the sign-up bonuspage, which is accessible during the sign-up process. If you can’t view this page while registering, you won’t be eligible for the DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings Incentive.

After signing up, you must actively work for at least 30 days for the offer to apply.

How Can You Get the DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings Incentive?

To access the DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings Incentive, you must first register as a Dasher. Next, move on to these steps to create a new DoorDash account.

  1. Download the mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play Store.
  2. Submit your email, phone number, and zip code.
  3. Complete the profile page and select your vehicle type.
  4. Verify your identity and submit to a criminal background check.
  5. Submit your account details.

There’s a 5-10 business days waitbefore DoorDash verifies your application.

There’s also a one-hour orientation course, after which you’ll get a welcome gift containing an insulated hot bag.

After you’re all set up, you should check the Dasher app to view the conditions for your Guaranteed Earnings. Once you’ve completed those conditions, click on “Promos” to claim the bonus. You can cash outthe next payment week via direct deposit to your bank account.

Boost Earnings by Referring Incoming DoorDashers

If you’re an existing DoorDash driver, there’s an incentive for you to share a referral code and allow new users to earn the sign-up bonus. Your referral bonuses change weekly and may vary from city to city.

To view applicable promo codes, check the “Promos” section of the tab and navigate to Account. You’ll see the “Refer a friend to Dash” clickable banner on the page if you have a referral code.

This is also where you can view your estimated bonus if the referral completes their conditions to claim the sign-up bonus.

Additionally, the DoorDash app allows you to track the progress of your referrals. Sharing referral links is limited to 15 per driver.

Wrapping Up

The DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings Incentive works for new workers who want to ease into their Dasher roles slowly, especially if they can’t get a lot of gigs within the first month. This bonus offers them a sizable guaranteed minimum earnings.

To claim the offer, register via the app, wait to be verified, and fulfill the required orders in your first 30 days as a new Dasher.

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DoorDash Sign Up Bonus For New Drivers | (2024)
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